Our Impact

Recognizing that uninsured individuals with disabilities in our Colorado community lacked access to rehabilitation services, a group of rehabilitation professionals joined together in early 2015 with the hope to create a clinic where they could volunteer their time and skills to provide care to these patients. 

Despite the clinic opening relatively recently on April 2, 2016, we are proud of the impact we've made in the community so far and look forward to expanding our footprint further.



Patients supported

Since opening we have graduated 18 patients back to the community. 



On our first clinic day, we had 28 volunteers arrive to help care for 3 patients.  


Of every $1 goes to patients

All funds donated to our clinic goes towards direct or indirect patient care costs.  Our board and clinic staff are volunteers.


"We find so much pleasure in coming here. It is the highlight of our month."
- Patient's Wife